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    Since 1998,  as I  researched my family’s history and folklore, I discovered friends and neighbors of theirs, some black, some white, whose lives were as noteworthy and compelling as those of my ancestors. I recorded their stories as history of the African villages they shared alongside my family’s genealogical records. I now know the resulting scrapbooks presented here, some genealogy, others history, are not separate; they are the same stories from different perspectives and locales of the hostile, repressive southern culture in which we all incubated. I regard these scrapbooks as a personal and precious few of many maliciously discarded African-American chapters deemed unworthy of the South’s “official”, though hypocritical and contrived, history published for mainstream media and school textbooks to serve the interests of  white supremacy. Browse the scrapbooks that interest you and alternately weep for joy and sorrow as I did when I learned  my family’s genealogy and my village histories that they did not want published.

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“Your Genealogy is your history and your history is your genealogy. Learn both.”

Introducing my 4th grandchild

Noah Greyson Dudley

Born 12-26-2014

Introducing my sister’s grandchild

Mya Sera Oliphant

Born 12-22-2014


Happy Birthday, Mom  

Gwendolynn Whitworth Dudley

April 6, 2013

I Remember Mama Lily

My maternal grandmother

Lily Brooks Whitworth

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Wise Words