¡¡¡¡ Shaoxing Commercial Bank is a registered capital of 10 billion and joint-stock commercial bank, our company holes 4.5% shares and become the second largest shareholder alongside. Bank capital amounted to 556.02 million Yuan, with total assets of 19.636 billion Yuan. Deposits totaled 17.589 billion Yuan, loans totaled 12.517 billion Yuan. The rate of nonperforming loans is1.62%, the provision of coverage to 174%, the total profits: 494.64 million Yuan. It has realized the goal that the scale and efficiency is growing every year, the seventh consecutive year of bad loans "double down" results. 2006 12 menstrual CBRC comprehensive appraisal on the city commercial banks ranked ninth. Currently, Shaoxing Commercial Bank is trying to building a first-class national joint-stock commercial bank.


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