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    Indian will implement Goods and Services Tax Bill

    In order to integrate central goods tax and local government services tax, unify tax system and simplify taxation, Indian govern will carry on Goods and Services Tax Bill making up for five years loss of State governments.

    Indian GST has passed by Lok Sabha and is submitting to Rajya Sabha to propose central govern offer to make up local states¡¯ loss to gain local parties¡¯ supports, because  Modi government only gets majority of Lok Sabha while minority from Rajya Sabha.

    Indian cabinet will increase to 1% tax from local governs, and it can simplify current taxation system making India become a real commonality market. The new tax law will include taxes of goods and other local taxes, service taxes and sale taxes, and GST is predicted less than 20% except for group of companies¡¯ inventory and asset transfers and wine sales tax.

    Indian government is expected to begin carrying on GST in 2016-17, and the GST legislation has remain to passed by the senate, and then try to gain Delhi and other 29 state governments¡¯ support, at that time it would come into announcement.

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