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        How to deal with Chinese textile industry with the TPP

        Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) has reached a basic agreement, which will undoubtedly have large impact on our country's textile and apparel industry exports. Since after the TPP agreement came into force, Vietnam's textile exports to the America and Japan will be able to enjoy zero tariff, believe in that time, China will no longer be the first trade country of Vietnam. While the largest textile exporter country----America, might also changed its status.



        ZhongYu information survey shows that of the textile and garment industry of Vietnam, Malaysia these TPP member countries are in the rapid development, whether it is equipment or technology, the pace of upgrading is very fast, even a few factory equipment of foreign investment, are more advanced than the equipment of domestic enterprises in Quanzhou and other places. This will urge our domestic production enterprises continue to enhance product innovation and service capabilities, to manufacturing high-end development. In the transition period of TPP, Chinese textile manufacturing industry can avoid competing with the homogenization of the low-end manufacturing industry like Vietnam, Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries. And we are confident that we are going out and involved in the global competition. This is also an important channel for enterprises to effectively avoid the trade and investment barriers created by the TPP and other fragment free trade agreements.



        Domestic textile production capacity in recent years has begun to transfer to Southeast Asia, many domestic leading enterprises have had a certain scale of production capacity layout, at this time Chinese companies can enjoy the FTA agreement tariff concessions, sell the  textiles made in Vietnam to the United States, Japan, which will also directly benefit from the TPP agreement reaching. The Vietnamese market must be a necessary competition of Chinese enterprises in the future, because it is both the customers and the markets' demand, is also an emerging consumer market call. HuangHuan from ZhongYu Information Analyst said that Chinese textile enterprises should go out, build "China and neighboring countries" the manufacturing base layout mode, develop the advantages of Chinese textile enterprises in the upstream and downstream industry chain, and create a new domestic and foreign textile enterprise industrial park. At the same time, Chinese enterprises can go out and through overseas direct investment, mergers and acquisitions, carry out vertical extension and control quality raw material resources, brand resources and market channel resources, and so on in the global range. Drive industry as a whole penetration to the high value field of the industry value chain. ¡°Made in China 2025¡± also specifically mentioned the Chinese textile industry planning blueprint, in the future should achieve the full process of continuous operation, digital control, real-time monitoring and adaptive control, complete the artificial replacement. Chinese textile industry at present is in market share, technology optimization with the advantage of the international, but still need to strengthen the breakthrough research and development of key equipment and management system, still need from the intelligence of production line to digital factory stand firmly and fight steadily, distribute and promote. In the key period for China moving from large textile industry to the strong textile industry, Chinese textile industry must adhere to ¡°go out¡±. This can not only through the competition, catch up with the international level faster, but also has an important significance on the construction of textile power and the consolidation of Chinese textile industry in the global position also. Chinese textile enterprises "go out" would form a positive interaction with the transformation and upgrading of the domestic textile industry.


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