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      Exports of textile enterprises should actively concerned about the EU draft CMR substances quickly limit

      In early July, the EU Commission for the EU textiles carcinogenic, mutagenic, reproductive toxicity substance (CMR) initiatives planned for discussion purposes. The initiative plans to advance in two stages about 286 kinds of CMR substances in textiles quickly limit its proposed draft (hereinafter referred to as "draft"), once implemented, will affect China's export of textile enterprises.


      According to the plan, the first phase of the draft articles for a range of products in direct contact with the skin, including the long-term will be in direct contact with the skin such as underwear clothing, footwear and interior textiles such as bed sheets happen. Buttons or zippers and other clothing accessories, no contact with the skin or infrequent contact with interior textiles, leather footwear manufacturing were exempted. The second phase, more products and CMR substances will also be included in the restrictions, including: floor coverings, carpets, upholstery, clothing accessories, leather products. These two stages will be realized through an expedited procedure, while the list of restricted substances in Annex REACH regulation will be amended, the first and second phases restricted substances by Appendix reflected. Prior to the relevant Committee discussed the revised draft REACH Annex, it will be a second public consultation, and the enterprises should be concerned about the developments.


      After the implementation of the draft, China's exports of textile enterprises will face the transformation and upgrading of product quality testing and process technology, is bound to increase their short-term costs. At the same time, foreign clients with quality standards may, chemical ingredient failure as an excuse to raise China's textile export enterprises breach of contract, returns, price processing, claims and other requirements.


      This inspection and quarantine departments remind the majority of our textile export enterprises, one immediate attention CMR substances quickly limit the progress of the draft, make full use of the second public consultation is an opportunity, through trade associations and other ways to hold together analysis to reflect the draft situation; second is to enhance quality awareness, to strengthen the foreign trade contract review, to ensure that products meet customer and regulatory requirements of the country or region; third is to strengthen communication and cooperation with the upstream suppliers of raw materials, ingredients grasp dyes used in textile products, identify their Textiles used clothing raw materials may contain "release" out of the CMR substance; fourth is to establish the concept of green production, environmental awareness, and increase investment in research and development of green technology innovation, green, eco-products as new competition point.

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