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    Our company held the 2017 Chinese New Year party

    Golden apes vacated past years, the rooster singing for the New Year. Blink of an eye in 2016 has been busy in the past, full of looking forward to 2017 came to us. The evening of January 21, Flower Hotel Jinhua hall decorated, beaming, our annual New Year party will be held in this grand. Group headquarters of all employees, affiliated branch staff representatives gathered together to celebrate the arrival of the Lunar New Year.

    In the warm applause, Mr. Ling Guojun, Chairman of the Group, made a warm speech, and on behalf of the company to take the time to take part in the leadership of our party and the development of the Group of dedicated staff to thank the trend and good New Year Wishes. Ling said: just past 2016 is a very extraordinary year, in the face of economic downward pressure, the market situation intricate, difficult to do business, business difficult, industry competition intensifies such an environment and normal, the company from top to bottom Tightly around the beginning of the four proposed "focus", work together, struggling, the company safe and orderly operation throughout the year, steady progress. All of these achievements are embodied in every Lingda sweat and wisdom, on behalf of the company to express my heartfelt thanks to everyone and wish everyone auspicious New Year, family fun. Ling always stressed that the new year gave birth to new hope and challenges, I hope you keep in mind the company's mission, proactive, pragmatic and enterprising, to achieve sustainable development and make greater achievements and joint efforts.

    The party opened in a lively Overture, wonderful Sichuan Opera face, the mysterious magic show, as well as the northeast dance, and so on a program roll show, brilliant, so that we can not see then, the atmosphere was high, applause Cheers come and go. Also interspersed in the program between the four-round lucky draw program, a prizes to produce the party is to a climax.

    The party ended in a warm, happy, and peaceful atmosphere.

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