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The EU has developed a green standard for public sector uniforms

The EU authorities are urging the public sector to reduce the impact on the environment in uniformed textiles and adopt new guidelines to encourage the use of materials containing sustainable and recyclable materials.

The new standards for textiles and services as proposed by the voluntary green public procurement (GPP) are designed to reduce the environmental impact of textiles and their cost, especially on military, police and hospital staff.

The initiative urges European public authorities to purchase textiles containing recycled materials or made from fibers that produce less fertilizers, hazardous pesticides and chemicals. The use of a fabric that is more durable and has a more durable functional coating; the purchased textile or textile services are capable of minimizing the use of fabrics for washing, drying and ironing Of energy.

Other recommendations include the use of contractual services for the maintenance of textiles to extend the service life of the product or to maximize the possibility of re-use and recycling of textiles at the end of the life phase.

Textiles include textile garments and accessories; textile fibers, yarns, fabrics and knitted fabrics, including intermediate products for textile garments and accessories. As well as non-fibrous elements; for example, incorporated into intermediate products of textile garments and accessories. This includes zippers, buttons and other accessories, as well as thin films, coating materials and laminates that form part of the garment structure.

At the same time, textile fibers include natural fibers, synthetic fibers and rayon fibers. The range of textile fibers in the GPP standard is natural fibers such as cotton and other natural cellulose seed fibers, wool and other keratin fibers; synthetic fibers, including polyamides and polyesters; and man-made cellulose fibers, including lyocell, Modal And Viscose.

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