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    Our company held the 2018 New Year's party

    The golden pheasant announce a victory and the plum blossom are pretty, the faithful dog welcome the spring and the willows have burgeoned forth.February 3, our multi-functional exhibition hall decorated, beaming, happy and peaceful lively scene, the annual company New Year's party was held here.

    In the warm applause, Mr. Ling Guojun, Chairman of the Group, delivered a warm and welcoming speech in the Spring Festival, and on behalf of the Company, expressed his good New Year wishes to all employees.He said that 2017 just passed was an extraordinary year. In the face of the sequelae caused by the rapid business growth in 2016 and the sluggish revenue-generating business as a result of the tight supervision in 2017, the Company faced high financial costs incurred by the Company Under the pressure of three major mountains, relying on the company from top to bottom unite as one, make concerted efforts to fight Bo, especially the core of our company's central backbone to carry forward the "loyalty to assume a job, the impossible possible" style of work, the company The smooth and orderly operation throughout the year, and the perfect income closed.Ling Dong said that in the past year, our company invested heavily in the investment sector. The company invested in Zhejiang Securities listed on the main board. The company invested in Qihoo 360 to make backdoor success. The company invested in Wanli Baolixin frequently.All this includes the hard work of the company's staff, and to express my sincere thanks to everyone!The new year has come, the new era calls for new ideas and new ideas lead the new journey. In the new year, the company proposes the development strategy of "one body with two wings", that is, it will strengthen the awareness of revenue-generating, enhance the income-generating capacity. The other party to create the company to develop new growth pole. We urge everyone to constantly improve their ability and take the initiative to create more value, cherish the opportunity and cherish the platform, so as to make the company a new and greater contribution to the company that takes the lead in the region and has strong core competitiveness as soon as possible! At last, LING Dong extended his early visit to all staff and wished everyone a happy New Year, happy family, good health and good luck!

    The party kicked off in the lively Spring Festival prelude, a "we are not the same," singled out the Lingda people's pride, all kinds of programs and interactive games turn up the scene atmosphere, applause applause, which interspersed The lucky draw link is to promote the party one after another climax.

    In a warm, joyous and auspicious atmosphere, one song "Better Tomorrow Will Be Better" sounded, and with the good wishes of Lingda people to the company, the party was finished successfully.



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